"At TEDxSanAntonio, Steve Vrooman did an amazing job of capturing our cultural zeitgeist, breaking it down, putting it back together and making the audience laugh along the way. We were thrilled to have him on our stage and look forward to keeping up with him in the future."

Chris Sandoval, TEDxSanAntonio Programming Committee Chair

"So I spent the whole day at a workshop on teaching, and I was like, 'Oh Geez. Really?' Best damn workshop I've ever been in! Redoing a bunch of things for my intro class. Soon as I nap, I gotta change my syllabus!"

Andrew Herrmann, ETSU instructor

"​Steven's TEDx talk challenged that perhaps "ideas worth spreading" could instead be "ideas worth sharing", and by sharing he means YOU. Your authentic self is worth sharing on social media as a way of creating and sustaining what we all seek - human connection.

Want to have the Marvel formula for taking over the world applied to life? Steven Vrooman has it figured out, with
 the data to back up the concept in this widely loved TEDx talk."

Rebecca Heltenbrand, TEDxSanAntonio Programming Committee

"​As a Center for Teaching and Learning, we had very high expectations for the keynote speaker of our regional pedagogy conference. Presenting to faculty has been described as presenting to the two guys from The Muppets that sat in the balcony heckling everyone. I’d like to say that this characterization is unfair, but sometimes we resemble those guys. Dr. Vrooman’s presentation was not one of those times, though, and our high expectations were well surpassed. 

Dr. Vrooman has mastered the art making complex material accessible while simultaneously motivating audiences to critically engage the material in productive ways. He is exceptionally entertaining, brilliantly insightful, and infectiously energizing. More than a year after his presentation, faculty are still referencing it. I’m no exception, we still have the presentation on our marketing material for the conference. It’s a real art to tell people to critically consider their practice, work harder, and then have them thank you for it.
Christopher Bollinger, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning at TLU

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