Friday, February 10, 2017

"Every Speaker Has A Story" Podcast ShowNotes: Episode 5, "My Greatest Success"

This episode is about how 8 speakers found their greatest success by (spoiler alert!) being able to read the situation and adapt. Like a manuscript from the Middle Ages, in the show I call each of these a Tale.

1. The Tale of the Empty Room

Dr. Kathy Gruver (@KLGruver) is a speaker and writer on natural health and stress.

She is the author of multiple books, including The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, and she is a trapeze artist. Yes. Trapeze!! See?

Her website is

2. The Tale of the Crowded Room

Beth Ziesenis (@nerdybff), is someone we've met before. She reviews programs and apps and speaks on them all over the country. Here she is taking down one of my favorites (or at least it was until now) Evernote:

She posts reviews to YouTube all the time, her latest book is called Nerd Know-How, and her website is

3. The Tale of the Sojourner

Billy Arcement (@BillyArcement) speaks and consults on leadership:

He is the coauthor of Journeying on Holy Ground, and his website is

4. The Tale of the School

John Donahue-Grossman (@DonahueGrossman) presents at schools, service organizations, hospitals and churches. He speaks on bullying, self-esteem, wellness, sexuality, spirituality and parenting. In his signature talk he arrives at the school in his role as Ray, who is homeless, and slowly transforms:

His website is

5. The Tale of the Inventor

Julie Austin (@SpeakerSponsor) is an inventor and entrepreneur who innovated a new business model for speakers to get compensated even for free speaking engagements at She speaks on innovation and creativity:

6. The Tale of the Shirt

Wolfgang Wolf speaks about disability and rehabilitation. After a stroke, he began his outreach as a speaker as as the founder of Computers Against Isolation, which brings technological means of communication to disabled people. His website is, and his book is called How to Survive after a Stroke.

7. The Tale of the Nerds

Angelica Mata (@matageli): "Quirky social media technophile. Pop culture junkie. Aspiring amateur cosmonaut and global revolutionary. Karaoke enthusiast. Angelica is a Digital Marketing Specialist, filmmaker, and TEDxSanAntonio Programming Chair. Every story is important. It’s her mission to help bring stories to life, visually captivate audiences, cultivate relationships, & express a vision that resonates well into the future."Find her at I met her at TEDxSanAntonio, where she was curating the best talk in our year, Eric Dorsa's "How Dressing in Drag Made Me Uncover Myself." 

8. The Tale of the Challenge

Bryan Rutberg (@BryanRutbergMe) is a communication and leadership facilitator, consultant and speaker with his firm 3C Communications. He's even a speechwriter! Here he is giving some great tips on how to handle Q&A, one of many sets of tips you'll find on his blog/vlog:

His webiste is

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