Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Every Speaker Has A Story Podcast ShowNotes: Episode 1, "Technical Difficulties"

by Steven S. Vrooman

My free podcast is finally available! You can listen to the first episode below on this post or download it via Google Play or itunes:

Each episode will be a set of stories from professional public speakers about their experiences wrapped around a particular theme.

I interview people multiple times a week via skype (comment below if you are interested in sharing your story with me, or message me on skype -- "steven.vrooman") and now have enough interviews to pick only the best stories. 

This month's theme was inspired by two of the stories I solicited from Ray Seggern and Mitch Hagney, two speakers with whom I have shared the stage with and whose stories I previously summarized in a blog post. This episode, on the failures of technologies and what we do when that happens, has stories from people in the fields of marketing, urban farming, social services and motivational speaking.

1) Mitch Hagney (@MitchHagneyis an urban farmer at Local Sprout. He speaks to businesses, civic and community groups, and he spoke from the TEDxSanAntonio stage with me in 2014:

2) Ray Seggern (@RaySeggern) is a marketing consultant who has spoken at large events around the world. We spoke together at the National Association of College Auxiliary Services in 2015, and he spoke from the TEDxSanAntonio stage in 2012:

3) Mary Shahan (@mjsboot) is a motivational speaker. She and Dane Boyle speak to various groups about fitness and wellness. You can see them here:

4) Laura Torres (@LETsBeLouda) is a former student of mine who works for CASA

She speaks at public events and at Rotary meetings and the like on a regular basis.

These four stories are linked by the speakers' shared experience of overcoming technological obstacles on the way to reaching their audiences.
I really think you're going to like this show.

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