Monday, September 5, 2016

Remembering HOBY: A Thank You to Hugh O'Brian

by Steven S. Vrooman

When I heard the news that Hugh O'Brian had died today, it brought back a flood of memories of my time at the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Gathering when I was in high school. I put them all up on Facebook, but upon reflection, I think I'd like those memories here, in a more permanent spot.

I had already joined the speech and debate team when I went to HOBY, but that event pushed those skills to heights that would take me to State a few times and then Nationals my senior year of high school.

I can't say that the things I do now, teaching, keynote speaking, writing, consulting, even social media, would be parts of my life without the HOBY experience.

Hugh O'Brian built something that changed so many of our lives for the better. I think the enduring and unspoken challenge of HOBY is for all of us to try to do the same.

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