Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Every Speaker Has A Story Podcast ShowNotes: Episode 2, "Disasters"

by Steven S. Vrooman

The second episode of my podcast, "Disasters," is focused on the bad things that can happen when speaking and what we can do about them.


The following 6 people were the good sports to share their stories with me. All of them have plenty of successes, as well, that you will hear about in future episodes, but their willingness to share these stories is testament to their skill. Only by reflecting like this on our mistakes can we improve. And by sharing them in public, they help us all improve.

1. Ryan Loyd (@ryanloyd) is a digital journalist as KSAT in San Antonio. 

NPR photo

He has worked on television and radio news for more than a decade. You can hear his "All Things Considered" story on canine PTSD, which won the Michael E. DeBakey Journalism Award, here.

2. Dane Boyle (@daneboyle) runs Dane Boyle Fitness, where he trains clients and gives motivational and wellness presentations in the community. You'll hear many more stories from him in future episodes. Here he is in one of his ongoing video diary/coaching project videos, this one in the middle of a training run for a marathon:

Rule #3 - Goal-oriented people find ways from Dane Boyle Fitness on Vimeo.

3. Noah Westerfield, a former radio scion, is currently a reader for Audible (you can hear my favorite sample of his work for the book Sushi Wars (a squid Vader!) here. I'm not supposed to tell you that his is currently writing his first novel. Shhh!

At San Antonio ComicCon
4. Mildred Ray is the Director of Neighborhood Engagement for San Antonio City Council member Alan E. Warrick II. She will be headed to Washington, D.C. as part of her work with the Eastside Dreamers Academy. You'll hear about her successful work in community outreach in a future episode.

5. Trey Davis is a TLU student, majoring in Dramatic Media.

 He's an actor and a writer, but don't hold that against him:
6. Casey Ramirez is an IT Project Manager, the leader of a community supporting young couples at her church, and a teacher of classes on job search skills. This, plus her experience as a corporate trainer for Apple for 8 years, and we have, as she calls herself, a "professional nerd" 🤓

on LinkedIn
Thanks to all of my guests on this episode!

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